About Me

It all started with my older brother’s guitar. He wanted to sell it, but his computer illiteracy (sorry for blowing up your spot, Brian!) left him furious and yelling at the screen.

So, I stepped in and helped him create a listing. When the bids more than doubled what a local music store had previously offered him, Brian gave me a cut of the profits for all of my hard work.

I used that money to buy other products to sell, and in due time I was making a pretty comfortable living for myself through Shopify, Clickfunnels, and Kartra.

And after mastering the fine art of successful, well-organized drop shipping, I moved toward creating a network of niche affiliate marketing websites.

After spending a few years in a cozy corner office at a boutique digital marketing firm, I decided to go back into business for myself.

And since then, I spend most of each year traveling the globe, offering my expertise to every business, big and small, that cares to let me help them succeed.

I created GainMoreFollowers as both a way to give back, and, if I’m honest, to give me something to do when I’m sitting in hotel rooms

It’s a place where I can write honest, no-nonsense reviews of e-commerce tools, courses, and techniques and give away some of my knowledge to those who couldn’t afford to hire me for one-on-one consulting.

The reviews offered on my site are not meant to be taken as gospel. The content offered on GainMoreFollowers is meant to provide you with more information and some honest expert feedback.

You’ll want to do your homework and read lots of reviews before making major decisions that can impact your business.

I buy all the products and services featured on this website with my own money.

Paid reviews are clearly labeled and don’t happen often. Some articles include an affiliate link where I may or may not get a commission. Check out my full disclosure notice in the footer for further clarification.