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Everliker is a popular Google Chrome extension that allows you to automatically like content posted by Instagram users based on your preferred hashtags. It comes with a free and paid Pro version.

Note: you can find the Google Chrome Extension here

Naturally, the Pro version has more features and functions but you can still auto-like posts based on your chosen hashtags with the free version.

All you need to do when you have the extension enabled on Chrome is to simply leave the browser open and the handy tool will like up to a maximum of 700 posts every day on your behalf.

Read on for our detailed Everliker Review.

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Why Go with Instagram Automation?

In this review, we’ll talk about Everliker and whether it’s a reliable Instagram growth tool or bot. But before we do, it’s important to first point out a few important things about Instagram automation.

Using tools that automate human activity on Instagram has some inherent risks. Instagram has been cracking down on bots and other forms of automation on its platform lately, which means no tool is 100% safe.

Keep in mind that Instagram will shadowban your account if you break their rules or violate their terms and conditions. You can get a shadowban if Instagram believes that you’re using bots, banned hashtags, or you have exceeded your daily limit of liking, following, or commenting on posts.

If your account gets a shadowban, your engagement will be severely limited and you won’t be allowed to follow or like posts by other users for an unspecified period.

A shadowban is something you should avoid by all means by keeping away from cheap low-quality automation bots designed without safety in mind. There are safer tools such as Everliker but note that we can’t guarantee that they’ll remain safe forever.

The good news is that we’ve tested and used Everliker and a few other browser extensions and found them to be safer than other apps that use Instagram API or other methods to interact with the app. Chrome extensions are safe because they use Instagram’s desktop website to interact with your account rather than the Instagram API.

They also come with settings that give the automation a natural human-like appearance.

Why Choose Everliker?

There are many reasons why people choose Everliker as their favorite Instagram automation tool. For instance, Everliker is a completely free Chrome extension although it comes with an optional premium subscription with more features to spur your Instagram account’s growth if used properly.

Another reason to like Everliker is the fact that you can easily enter a batch of keywords into the Chrome extension and it’ll like up to 700 posts related to the keywords randomly every day.

Everliker is also safer than a majority of Instagram auto-liker tools and apps because it’s capable of taking breaks, mimics human behavior, and takes additional safety measures to avoid getting your account shadowbanned.

Its paid version is also quite affordable. It just costs you $5 per month to unlock more features and enjoy the full benefits of Everliker. With a paid subscription, you can like up to 1,400 posts each day.

You even have the option to like posts in specific locations, automatically like photos in your feed that have been posted by people you follow and reach a wider audience by liking your followers’ followers and other users that they follow.

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How Does Everliker Work?

Everliker uses the power of social interaction and engagement to grow your account on Instagram. The Chrome extension automatically likes posts with your chosen hashtags on your behalf and Instagram sends a notification to the phone of the user whose post you’ve liked.

Some of the Instagram users will check out your profile out of curiosity and if they like what they see, they’ll follow you or like your content.

Everliker helps you identify Instagram with similar interests using hashtags, like their posts, and generate attention in your profile. If you can like 700 posts a day using the free version, you’ll have the potential of 700 other Instagram users following you or your brand every single day.

In terms of outreach, Everliker is one of the most effective free Instagram tools available today.

How to Use Everliker?

It’s quite easy.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the extension from Everliker.com and choose the free version. Simply install the extension just like you would install other Chrome tools.
  2. Set up the tool depending on how you want to use it. For best results, choose hashtags that are relevant to your industry, check what hashtags your competitors are using and clone them.
  3. Go to advanced settings and make sure to set the section titled “Don’t like posts with more than x likes” to exactly 200 or less. Why look for posts with fewer likes? The reason is quite simple. You don’t expect someone who gets thousands of likes every day or hour to even think of checking your profile, do you? You are better off liking posts by beginners who have a few likes and curious to know who liked their pictures.
  4. Another important setting to consider is the ‘Don’t like the same user more than x times’ option. Set it to 3 or less. The reason for this is to avoid wasting a lot of likes on the same person. Keep in mind that you’ve a maximum of 700 every day.
  5. Keep on experimenting with different strategies and hashtags until you find a winning combination. Be creative in your choice of hashtags and you’ll soon start seeing results.


  • Unique Google Chrome extension
  • Easy to work with
  • Doesn’t require login information.
  • It’s free and the paid version is inexpensive at just $5
  • More secure than cloud-based software because it uses your IP address


  • As a Chrome extension, Everliker can only work when your computer is on and the Google Chrome browser open.


If you want to grow your online presence and generate traffic to your website, you can’t go wrong with organic growth. It creates real engagement and grows your audience fast. With automation, you make your Instagram growth work easier and more efficient.

Everliker is a fine example of free and safer Instagram automation tools you can rely on to grow your Instagram account.

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