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Rise Social Review - GMF

You have to find an account you like. Like it. Look at who they follow. Like them. Then repeat the process all over again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And once you get photos, you have to find your aesthetic. Nothing ever exists on Instagram if you don’t have an aesthetic.

Trust me, I’ve had people tell me my instagram looks like poetry.

I don’t know how that’s a style (it wasn’t my poetry page). But she was a hipster and everything looks like poetry to them.

Then once you have followers, a bio, and an aesthetic you need to start engaging. Liking, commenting, responding to Instagram stories.

Asking random girls to become ambassadors. (I still don’t know what that means to this day.)

But you get the point. Trying to reach a specific follower count is tedious. I mean, it kind of has the same feeling as an introvert going to a party.

You enter the house. You realize there are a lot more people there than you anticipated. You kind of start to breathe heavily.

Then, somewhere, in the crowd. You see a light.

And the light is a dog.

(Or a cat, whichever you prefer.)

And that dog or cat is Risesocial.

The Rise of Risesocial

Risesocial has an easy sign up option that separates it from the competition. All you have to do is create an account and buy a package.

It’s as easy as that, because now, you’re ready to go.

Like most online services, you have several packages to choose from. The cool thing about them is that these packages are pretty much week by week.

What that means is you can change your package depending on your needs. So, if you bought a package you didn’t like, no worries. No commitment necessary here.

Like Social Envy, Risesocial connects you with an account manager. They are in charge of managing your growth and come up with the best approach to help you reach your goal.

You’re working with a real person instead of an automated system you control. This is better than having to keep track of everything yourself on your computer.

Smooth sailing.

They have a targeted following service

Much like any business, you’ll need a specific following. Take Urban Outfitters for example.

Their clothing targets a specific group of people and keeps them coming back. Risesocial does the same thing. They engage with the prospective audience.

They help bring you the right kind of people that will help develop your business.

They also focus on demographics, region, age, hashtags, and more. This gives you the opportunity to connect with followers, the competition, and influencers.


Weekly Analytics

Yeah, you get that too!

It’s a little self-explanatory. All you get is a summary of your growth and engagements.

The report tells you more about your followers, the level of post engagement, and story views. This, then, helps you to figure out how to improve in places you need to.

It gives you more information than professors do when they hand back quizzes.

Yes, I’m still a little salty.

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Organic Followers

Ugh. I love organic followers. Like actual people that run accounts and not those bots that send you DM’s that don’t make sense.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Risesocial protects your account from deactivation. (I know, those are some magic words.) And helps you boost your follower count.

This is crucial as it’s important to keep that number up. Because the more followers you have, the more likely it is that other people will see your account.

Kind of like being popular in high school. The more people you know, the more your brand remains relevant.

Cheerleader, football, greaser, scene kid.

Except in this case, high school isn’t your peak and you have the right to talk about it every day.

I mean it’s a business. Everyone deserves the right to be proud!

The fall of Risesocial. The people have spoken.

While on paper Risesocial does seem to be the quality choice, its reviews do not match up. It ranks a hefty 2/5 stars and does not live up to expectations.

It’s no secret that Risesocial advertises organic followers. I mean, it seems to be the top keyword to get people to buy any of these products.

Unfortunately, one user claimed that they got locked out of their account. On top of that, they didn’t even take responsibility!

Can someone ask for their account manager?

The same reviewer even said they had to contact Instagram to get their account back. Which is dangerous in and of itself since there is a possibility they won’t ever give it back to you.

Instagram has some crazy requirements.

Other users called the site a scam.

Someone even said Risesocial fakes their positive reviews through websites they own.  Another person said they keep rebranding because of the negativity.

I guess it’s a good thing Risesocial shut down this year.

Definitely not a loss apparently.

So, what do you do?

Well, the fact that Risesocial has shut down gives you an answer. You don’t buy it.


But, when it comes to purchasing platforms such as this one, it would be smart to research. If it’s even possible, do a test run.

The one aspect that Risesocial did offer that intrigued me was the weekly package. This gives people the option to opt out of a payment plan pretty much whenever they want.

Of course, this is a good thing. Especially when starting a business. Sometimes there is trial and error, so if you end up with an error, you can always try again.

It’s always best to test out the customer support team before buying.

Try to keep up communication with them. Ask as many questions as you can.

There’s nothing worse than finding out their support team sucks after you have bought the program.


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