Tweeteev Review: Twitter Automation Tool


Twitter is one of the fastest moving social media platforms out there, due to the fast-moving nature of the platform it can be exceptionally difficult to build up a strong and meaningful following.

Tweeteev Review

Twitter is all about reaching audiences that represent your world view, so that you are able to engage with them and build a rapport, but if you’re struggling to gain followers, Tweeteev can help.

What Is Tweeteev And How Does It Work?

Tweeteev is one of the best performing growth services available on the market. It is based on the premise of engaging with followers that represent your target market, market segmentation and demographic.

This is achieved by setting up your campaign when you sign up to the service, you cast your net as wide or as narrow as you wish, but the more accurate your data points, the better the results.

From there, Tweeteev will then find accounts that meet your data points and engage with them through an array of methods. It could be liking their tweets, following the and possibly even sending direct messages. The more Tweeteev engages on your behalf, the more reach your account achieves. 

Is Tweeteev Effective?

Tweeteev is an effective tool for growing your twitter account, but it will only be as good as the information you provide it with. The more accurate your target market and demographic assessments are, the better the results you’ll see.

If you are attempting to engage with an audience that doesn’t want your product or service, you’ll find their engagement in your tweets lower than someone who is interested.

The important thing to do prior to setting up Tweeteev is ensuring that you make a realistic assessment of the accounts you wish to reach. 

Is Tweeteev Easy To Use?


If you have never configured an automation tool before, you have started at the right place. Tweeteev is exceptionally easy to configure from the outset, it gives users an array of options that are easy to understand and follow.

Again, the better you know your target market, the better your automation tool will grow your account. What makes Tweeteev stand out from other automation tools is the fact that they understand Twitters limitations that they place on accounts.

This means that your tool will always work under these constraints, such as likes, follows and retweets, so that your account isn’t at risk of being blocked and deleted. Tweeteev wont follow any bot accounts on twitter, so the followers you gather are real, active users.

Because of this, growth may be slower than you are expecting. Organic strategies are the long game when it comes to account growth, but the results are compounded over time, so stick with it and trust the process. 

Tweeteev Review: Final Thoughts 

With some growth services there is a need to manage expectations, that isn’t the case with Tweeteev. As long as you are providing accurate information with regards to your target market and what demographic they inhabit, you’ll find that you will see sustained, long term growth on your twitter account.

The quality of the growth will be down to the information you provide, but don’t be deterred if you don’t see a huge increase straight away. Organic growth strategies take time, but they are the most effective strategy.

The user face is smooth and easy to use, it is ideal for first time users who haven’t configured a growth tool before, an added bonus is that Tweeteev have an intrinsic understanding of Twitters limitations and constrains, so you can be sure that your account is in safe hands. 

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